Friday, April 10, 2015

How to Cut Rounded Sticker Sheets + Game of Thrones Stickers Freebie

Ahhhhh!! Season 5 of Game of Thrones airs this Sunday!! I am beyond excited and of course I had to make some stickers for them in my planner! So here are some tv show stickers for you to mark down days when the show is on! If you're a fan of the show please feel free to download these stickers and print and cut them to use in your planner as well!

I have made them in both a larger and smaller size, the larger size is about 1.5" in length and the smaller ones are just under 1". I am using a field notes sized midori so I had to make smaller ones for my planner.

If you have a silhouette portrait just download the file below and it should already be set to print and cut just use white sticker paper & cut on your sticker paper settings.

I get a ton of questions of how I cut out my sticker sheets. So to cut out the individual sheets for easier storage, once it has finished kiss cutting, just click on the cut settings and click on "advanced" in cut mode. Then click on cut by layer or color, and just choose the color or layer that is only the rounded rectangle sheets shape(see below, in my  file, I have it cut by line color and only cut the red line, it wsill highlight what it will cut so just be sure only the sheets are highlighted.) Cut that on cardstock settings and run it through your portrait again to get nice rounded sheets! Easy peasy! There's a way where you can even do it all at once with this feature but I like to play it safe, so I do it separately.

More info on cutting by layers/color can be found here


If you do end up using these I would love to see pictures. Tag me on Instagram @wenduhh_plans or #mswenduhhblog Please do NOT share the actual file or file link. Instead please send your friends here to download my free printables, thank you.
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Midori Inserts Printables (Monthly, Weekly & Daily Planners)

Hi everyone! I am so excited to share with you all my new Midori inserts !! These are all undated for easy printing and to use for forever! I have made a month on two pages monthly planner, a week on one page with tasks checklists weekly planner, and a bullet journal type  day on one page daily planner!
Title Pages

Weekly Planner (Week on One Page)

Bullet Journal Daily Page

Monthly Planner (Month on Two Pages - Sunday Start)

How to Print:
Printing is easy! All you have to do is print these files on letter sized paper double sided with short edge binding. If you don't have a duplex printer, simply print odd pages first, put printed pages back into printer facing up, then print even pages.
Printed on 8.5 by 11" paper and folded in half

Field notes size printed on 8.5 by 11 and folded down the middle

How to Assemble:
To put together your insert just fold the paper in half (landscape mode) & press down firmly. You can also choose a cover out of cardstock or scrapbook paper and wrap it around the booklet, then using a metal ruler and an exacto knife slice slowly and steadily along the edges (i provided cut marks for you as well in the printable) Once trimmed, just bind using a stapler. I got this awesome stapler from amazon and it was only $5.99! It's a long reach stapler so you can easily staple your book together!
Trim Vertically

Trim top & bottom

Cut marks on cover page

Beautiful monthly, weekly & daily planners in field notes size! (by the way, mine are cut off, but I've adjusted the printable so it won't happen for you!)
Pretty Scrapbook Paper and my Long Reach Stapler to bind it

Need more help?
For a great tutorial on how to make inserts please check out this website here and you can even download some grid, dot and lined papers for free too ! Here is the link again


Midori Regular Size (4.33 x 8.25 in)
Field Notes Size (3.5 x 5.5in)
If you do end up using these I would love to see pictures. Tag me on Instagram @wenduhh_plans or #mswenduhhblog Please do NOT share the actual file or file link. Instead please send your friends here to download my free printables, thank you.
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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Planner Addict Box Subscription Service

If you love getting happy mail every month or just would like new planner supplies every month then you have to subscribe for the The Planner Addict Box! For only $15 a month (plus $3.50 for US shipping!) you will get everything you need to make your planner pretty!

UPDATE: Theses boxes are also available for International customers. Shipping will be $13 for first class or $23 for priority mail.

A lot of people can't get their hands on some of these products like project life cards, cute note pads and page flags and more, so it's a great way to finally own these decorating tools for your planner without paying an arm and a leg for shipping!

A Planner Addict's Dream Monthly Subscription Box

I've always loved subscription boxes because it was always a nice surprise in the mail. I loved the anticipation of waiting for it to get to me. And when Vienna from my_planner (on Instagram and YouTube) launched theplanneraddictbox and offered to give me one I was ecstatic! Waiting for it in the mail was so exciting but even more exciting was seeing how beautifully wrapped everything was. Here's a quick glimpse at what I received in my first box.

I will be showing you all as well how I am using all of these supplies in my planner! 

Here is the box it will come in! Look at how pretty it is! It's like Christmas every month! So much love is put into the making of this box! 

Love the little touches of notes & chocolate!! 

I always love when there is welcome note with everything we receive in the box. Look at all of that! And for only $15 that's a great deal! I love getting partial kits of the project life cards because I never use up the whole box anyways. It's so awesome to receive these in the box! And you can never find cute page flags that work nor fancy clips in stores! 

So many goodies!

One of my favorites from this box was the planning advice. Vienna is a planner genius and her advice is so well thought out and works! I've watched most of her YouTube videos and they really have helped me to become a more productive  planner! I can't wait to see what next month's advice will be. 

Love these cute gold and lilac ribbon paper clips they are so frilly and super secure. 

Gorgeous watercolor floral notepads! And it says "planner addict ramblings" at the top! Forget the target ones I'll use these only please!

Beautiful floral page flags! I use these to mark down events in my monthly calendar that aren't for sure yet in case I need to move them around. I also use them to decorate my pages or as a header/title. So many uses! These actually stick unlike the target ones! I love them!

How I am using my box with my FoxiDori planner.

I took about a quarter of the notepad and attached it to front cover for quick lists or notes I need to jot down!

Project life cards sit in my zippered pocket for quick lists in my planner.

I've attached the planning advice to front of my planner notebook to remind myself of these useful tips.

Here I used a page flag as a header

& here I used the page flags to mark down some events that I wasn't sure of dates yet.

I used the large project life card and folded in half to make a little fold out bullet journal key. I am not 100% sure of the key so I wrote it first on a small notepad (also from the box) and stuck it in the card for now
Beautiful Ribbon Paper Clip to mark today's page

I used the decorative papers to decorate one of my notebooks!

Order Your Planner Addict Box Now!!

I absolutely love theplanneraddictbox. It's not just pretty, it's also useful! I've been using just about everything in this box for this month, as you can see in my photos above. My planner is filled with it all!

Right now they are taking orders for their May box! Hurry on over to to be sure to get your very own box. The deadline to sign up for May boxes is April 21st, so run & get your fix! May's box will be a surprise! That's the fun part of subscription boxes! Be sure to follow theplanneraddictbox for sneak peaks though! I'm so anxious to see what next month's box will be filled with, gorgeous decorating tools and tips for sure!

Here is where you can find and order yourself the planner addict box! Click on the links below to learn more!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

DIY Instax/Polaroid Photos for Journaling and More

Since I have stared journaling in my FoxiDori, I desperately needed some cute photos of our everyday lives. I take so many on my phone and have them on iCloud but I didn't really want to wait until I had time to find or make a instax template and drag and drop my photos in. My kids rarely let me get on the computer so I had to find a way to do it on my phone! I use an iPhone and I'm not sure if these apps would be available or not on android platforms.

Video Tutorial if you'd like to watch how I journal and see more of my pages!

What you'll need:

A phone capable of AirPrint 
A wireless printer 
4x6 photo paper

How to:

First take your pictures or you can do it directly in the Instants App. Create your Polaroid picture and choose your filter. Be sure to use the 4th Polaroid mode as shown below (it will fit the 4x6 photos better)

I save it as compressed since they are tiny anyways.

After that just click on the square with the down arrow button to save it to your photo album. Repeat these steps for at least 4 photos. 

After saving all 4 Polaroids open up your PicStitch app. 

In this app you can easily choose your layout and change the aspect size. In order to fit 4 Polaroids perfectly on a 4x6 photo choose the 4 square layout, and change the aspect to 4x6. 

 Then click on each square and insert each Polaroid picture one by one from your photo album. & save this picture to your album.


Now that we have our photo saved the next step is printing it correctly. 

First go to your printer and change the paper size to 4x6 and place your 4x6 photo papers into the paper tray. 

Then use your phone and open up that picture with the 4 Polaroids you've just made. Click on the square button with the up arrow to share it. And click on the printer icon to print it. Select your air print printer and print!

You should have a 4x6 photo like this:

Then just take your scissors and cut out each Polaroid picture and ta-da! Your very own instax pictures!! Minus the cost of the instax camera or instax share printer and film! 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and enjoy capturing memories for your journal!

UPDATE: If you'd like even smaller Polaroid photos you can either do the above steps (before printing) 4 times again and then create another collage with those 4 collages to have a total of 16 mini Polaroids! I wanted to see if they'd fit in the Erin Condren boxes so I tested it out and they do! Or you can make your 16 Polaroids first, and then find a layout in the pict stitch app with 16 squares in the 4x6 aspect. 

This is what it would print out like on a 4X6 photo. 

I take a million pictures a day and I can't journal every single picture I take in a day or there'd be no room to write so I thought I'd make mini photos and just stick them in my ECLP since I wasn't using it at the moment.

And this is how I'm using it in my Erin Condren Planner

Not a lot of writing since I use my midori for journaling. Just a place to remember every day's photos. 


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