Friday, August 29, 2014

A5 & Personal Sized Day Per Page Filofax Insert Printable

The A5 size is pretty big and I wanted to save some paper, so I made this A5 day per page insert instead of the day on two pages. It still has mostly everything I need to plan my day and is still more than enough room. I hope you can use these!

As requested, here is the personal sized version as well.

Please do NOT share the actual file or file link. Instead send your friends here to download my free printables, thanks
For printing instructions click here!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

To-Do Hearts Check Off Flags Stickers - Free Printable

The last time I made check off flags, they were soley made to fit perfectly inside of the Erin condren squares. Since then, I have been using these stickers in both my ECLP and my filofaxes. However I have had to cut them down just to fit into my smaller filofaxes. So I made these and changed the circles to heart (for the sake of being cute) and made them a lot smaller in height. They are 1" tall and can still be used in the ECLP but also can be used in other planners as well. I kind of like having them this size since my to do lists in my ECLP are never that long anyways. I like separating my lists by section so I think this will work perfectly. Anyways here is the link to download these new heart flags or just click on the picture below! Please see previous post for printing here.

Please do NOT share the actual file or file link. Instead send your friends here to download my free printables, thanks

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Day On Two Pages Daily Schedule Free Printable for Filofaxes

This is very similar to the last one I made, just in a different design, slightly, and an added section for meals and fitness. I also added a timed schedule instead of the morning, day night routine! I hope you guys enjoy! Downloads are below.

Please do NOT share the actual file or file link. Instead send your friends here to download my free printables, thanks

Sections include:
  • Today is: for the date, however you'd like to write it
  • Quote: inspirational quote of the day
  • Must Do: priority tasks to get done today
  • Today's Schedule: appointments, schedule or routine
  • Home: cleaning chores etc.
  • Work: business related to do's
  • Personal: personal to do's
  • Water: tracking your water intake
  • Fitness: minutes or type of workout you did today
  • Meals: tracking your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the day or planning it
  • To Go: places to go today or errands to run
  • To Buy: shopping that needs to get done today
  • Tomorrow: things to remember for tomorrow 
  • Reflection: journal entry for the day, something that made you grateful, or a memory you loved today.

A5 Schedule
A5 Routine
Personal Schedule
Pocket Schedule

Sunday, August 24, 2014

How to Make Washi Card Samples

When your washi tape collection grows, you wish you can take them all with you everywhere with you. But carrying several rolls in your bag or pencil case can get bulky quick and seems a little ridiculous. Many people take just enough samples to carry with them on the go. Or maybe you'd like to give some of your washi tape away to your penpals or friends to use, but don't want to pay for extra shipping! Read on to see how and what to make washi card samples.

To make washi samples simply wrap your washi tape around a flat plastic card. There are a number of things you can put your washi samples on. Some things that people have used have been:
  • playing cards (Target has cute hello kitty ones that I use, it's perfect and is more than enough)
  • old gift cards (start saving them now!)
  • laminated cards
  • business cards
  • plastic bobbins
  • laminated narrow plastic flyleaf
    • These can be made by laminating a laminating sheet and cutting it to fit your planner's height and making it narrow by cutting the width in half, then hole punching the side to fit your planner. You can then slit the holes to easily take it in and out without opening the rings

Basically anything plastic and small enough to put into your planner's pockets. If you have a laminator you can make anything you want into a washi card holder!

The next step is choosing which samples of washi tape you want to have with you. This can get tough if you have tons to choose from. If you have the time you can totaally do it all.

Then you should group each kind of washi sample on each card. You can easily fit about 4 different washi tapes on each card (depending on the average width). I like to put similar washi tapes on each card like by color (pastels, metallics, blacks), by themes (sailor, florals, chevron, skinny), or even just by your favorites or good combos. It is totally up to you.

After that comes the hardest & longest part: Peeling the tape and wrapping it as neatly as possible around the card. How do we do that? By peeling a few inches at a time from the roll and placing it on the card and wrapping it straightly and neatly on top then peeling some more and repeating it around and around and around again.

I would suggest wrapping it around the card about 8-10 times so you have enough tape to last you a while (because wouldn't it suck to do this process all over again in a week or two?)

After that you should have a bunch of cards with 3-5 washi tapes on each! You can put them in your card slots in your planner or the back pockets.

To use your samples, simply peel and cut just like you would from a roll, except now your washi is flat and portable!!

Hope this was easy to understand and have fun decorating your planner everywhere you go!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Appointments Printable

I made this printable because I almost never use my calendar right away when I am at the doctor's office and they tell me when my next appointment is.

Please do NOT share the actual file or file link. Instead send your friends here to download my free printables, thanks

Now with this sheet, I can simply just go to my "schedule" tab which has my monthly calendar behind it, and write the following:
  • Date: the date the appointment is set for
  • Time: the time that the appointment is set for
  • What: what the appointment is (e.g., doctor, dentist, eye etc.)
  • Reason: the reason for the appointment (e.g., 9 month check up, shots, etc.)
  • Contact: who to contact, a number to call if anything, etc.
  • Scheduled: this is for you to check off once you scheduled it into your monthly or weekly calendar in your planner so you don't forget!
I hated looking for the exact date of when my next appointment would be and writing it down, I could almost never find it quickly! Since my bookmarks are usually for this week or this month, and my appointments are usually 2-3 months ahead.

So here it for you to download in Full Size, A5, Personal, A6, & Pocket!

Hope this helps you in your future planning!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Editable Daily Routines on Notepad Printable to Insert into Your Planner

Here is the word file for you to edit and print onto your notepads. These dimensions fit onto the Target Notepads they are approximately 3.54in by 7.48in.

All you have to do now is edit it to your own schedule change the fonts to your liking if you'd like (the fonts I used were centeria script and grandma's garden, which you can download for free on

If you want to change the paper size all you have to do is go to file>page setup>click on paper size>manage custom sizes>& input the dimensions of your notepad or paper. Then print and hole punch and insert it into your planner every week!

If you have an Erin Condren planner that is still coiled you can print this on cardstock and use a coil clip to insert it in!

Here is download link again!

Hope this works for you!
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

How to Use Envelopes in Your Filofax

Every time I am at Target, I always have to buy their dollar spot stationery. I have a pretty big collection of their note cards and envelope sets. These cute envelopes  are perfect in the pocket Filofax. There are a number of ways to use them. It's best to put them in the back of your Filofax though because it does stick out a little.


All you have to do is hole punch it!
  • use a previous divider or paper as a guide and hole punch it on the side without the flap
  • then put it in your filofax with the flap side up

Ways to Use Envelopes in Your Filofax:

Coupon Organizer

I only get coupons in the mail, so I get very few and only keep what I absolutely want or need.  I have it organized by store/kind. I labeled them by using washi tape and a permanent marker.

Here are my coupon categories:
  • Arts & Crafts: of course! For all of my stationery goodies. These are usually just my coupons for crafts store like JoAnn's, Michael's, and Hobby Lobby.
  • Target: I sometimes get store coupons from target and I print some out from their website. So all of those coupons go inside this envelope.
  • Household: if I ever come across cleaning products or paper products these coupons go into this envelope
  • Fashion: Here I store all of my mall type coupons for shopping for clothes and shoes and accessories. I also store beauty coupons too like from ulta.
  • Food: Groceries can get expensive so of course I like to get coupons for that. This is also for restaurants and fast food coupons.
  • Kids: I have two little ones so any chance I get to save money on diapers, wipes, toys and such all goes into this envelope.

A Cash Budget System or Just to Hold Your Cash

I don't personally use this system as I don't like to carry lots of cash on me. But I've heard it's a great way to budget your money. The way it works is that you categorize all your expenditures and put a set amount of money in each envelope. That is all the money you have and can spend on that category. And once you run out of money you can't spend anymore.

For example if you have a section for eating out, you would say the budget for the month is $100. Whenever you go to a restaurant or grab a bite somewhere you would pay using the cash in that envelope only. And once that is all out am you can't eat out anymore. Pretty simple right?

Here is a website that provides an expenses budgeting envelope printable.

Great way to not over spend if you can stick with it.

Random Storage

Another way to use envelopes in your Filofax is as storage. You can store receipts, washi tape samples, stickers, and other little planner essentials you may have that just would get lost in the pockets.

How are you going to use envelopes in your Filofax? I hope this gave you a few ideas on how to make your Filofax work better for you! Thanks for reading.
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Friday, August 15, 2014

Paycheck Budgeting Printable

I have made yet another budgeting printable.  The monthly one was too hard for me to keep track of the actual expenses for the whole month, hopefully this will work better for us. I just started using it and I think it is fairly simple to use. I also color coded it in pastels because it's cuter and neater.

Please do NOT share the actual file or file link. Instead send your friends here to download my free printables, thanks

I have the all in one page versions for full 8.5x11 paper, A5, Personal &A6.
& I also have the two page version inserts for Personal, A6, & Pocket.

Please download whichever you prefer. I like the two page one for me because I can see it better and I write pretty big.

I have it laid out like this in my planner, printed double sided (printing instructions here). Be sure to hole punch on the right side!

Hope this works for you!
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pastel Colored Week on Two Pages Filofax Inserts - Free Download

I had made dated versions of this insert a while back and someone asked if I would share them. So here is an undated version I made to share with everyone! You can write the month on the first page and the year on the second page or whatever way you like! I also included lines to write in the # day of the week. It is all cutesy and girly, I hope you like it!

If you do end up using these I would love to see pictures. Tag me on Instagram @wenduhh_plans or #mswenduhhblog 

Please do NOT share the actual file or file link. Instead please send your friends here to download my free printables, thank you.

To print please see my previous blog post here!

Download WO2P:

Happy planning!!!

How to Print Filofax Inserts on Mac

I get a lot of questions on how I print my inserts for my planner, so I thought I would show you all how I do it. I have also used this method to print printables that weren't resized and some have worked perfectly while others were a bit skewed, and sometimes the lines were just too tiny to go from A5 to pocket! Anyways, I have been a Mac user for years and have no clue about windows! If you are on Windows, Philofaxy has an excellent tutorial for that here.

Printing Instructions for Mac:

Step 1:  Cut paper to size first (I find this makes everything so much easier!)
Step 2: If you are using Adobe Reader this screen will show then click on "page setup" (if using Preview go to step 5)
adobe print - click on page setup

Step 3: This screen will pop up click on paper size

Step 4: Create a custom paper size by clicking on "Manage Custom Sizes" (unless you have an A5, there should be one set there already)

Step 5: From here Preview and Adobe will be the same; this screen will show just click the "+" sign and label the size as a5, personal, a6, or pocket

from preview

click + sign to add a new size

 Step 6: Use these measurements below to input the dimensions in paper size width and height; and make sure the non-printable area are all "0 in"

A5 - 5.83″ x 8.27″
Personal - 3.74″ x 6.73″
A6 -  4.13" x 5.83"
Pocket – 3.19″ x 4.72″

A5 - 148mm x 210mm
Personal - 95mm x 171mm
A6 - 105mm x 148mm
Pocket – 81mm x 120mm

Step 7: Be sure to print "scale to fit"

Step 8: Print x amount of copies of first page (or odd pages first if printing more)

Step 9: Flip and put upright back into printer

Step 10: Print x amount of copies of 2nd page (or even pages)

& that's it! Hope this helped you out! Thanks for reading!!

How To Make DIY Card Holders For Your Pocket Filofax

I am currently using my pocket Filofax as a wallet. Unfortunately it only has two card slots! I was in desperate need of some card holders and with using what I have around the house I made these!

Read on to see how I made them!

Supplies Needed:

- Baseball trading card holders - I have the half size ones from when I used to coupon.  (These can be found at Walmart or office supply stores)
- Scissors
- Washi tape
- Hole puncher 
- Marker or pen 
- Filofax page with holes punched to use as a guide

Step 1: Cut vertically in half being sure to cut just outside the sealed edge (only thing about this is that the rest would be wasted!)

Step 2: Cut horizontally in half now 

It should look like this now:

Step 3: As you can see these already have holes in them which don't match my pocket! So the next step is to Washi tape both sides on that edge. 

Step 4: Use a guide to hole punch. These aren't exactly pocket sized, so for every other pocket I would make one on top and one on bottom. I kind of like it this way too so I can see cards behind them too.

Step 5: Use a marker to mark the holes then hole punch (the Washi tape over the plastic makes it easier to punch as well)

Step 6: this is optional but for extra security. Washi tape the outer edge. (Here I folded the tape over but it looked messy so I fixed it and made it better)

Step 7: Put these into your pocket Filofax, one on the bottom, the next on top like this:

Step 8: Put two cards in each slot facing out! 

And that's it!! Aren't they cute? They are wide enough to easily pull out and put back in!

Here are some more pictures:

Thanks for reading!! 


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